Friday, April 28, 2006

Package Mayhem

Today I found a little bug in gnome-about-me, the application used to set all personal data of a user (Name, Address, etc). I didn't find a package on launchpad that said gnome-about-me, so I posted it under gnome-desktop.
And as you can read in the comments on the bugreport I got a wonderful tip I found valuable enough to blog about ;)

Sebastien Bacher:
Thanks for your bug. About the right package:
$ dpkg -S gnome-about-me
gnome-control-center: /usr/bin/gnome-about-me

Type "dpgk -S " followed by a binary name, and you will get the name of the package containing it.

Simply Great.

Update: Read the comments for some really useful tips by "Anonymous".

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Edgy ...

Today the name for the Ubuntu Dapper +1 release has been published.
It will be "Edgy Eft".

And know what, I dislike it, I don't want a reptile I want a fish.

Anyone interested in a petition for "Edgy Eel"?
I just like the sound of that.

Microsoft Internet Explorer being more correct than Firefox

To give some credit to the Microsoft Internet Explorer developers, after bashing them in my last post, I thought it was fair to post the following discovery.

I was making a form in HTML, but it showed up in MSIE with some space above and beneath it. Ofcourse my reaction was, "oh no, not again" (just like the bowl of petunias).
Looking into the subject deeper I made a shocking discovery. The MSIE developers are actually more correct here than the Firefox (Gecko engine) developers. Not that the lather are wrong, the MSIE ones are just more correct.

As can be read in this W3 encouragement, developers should give the <form> element the following CSS option by default: "margin: 1.33em 0". Which tells us the form should have a default margin to its top and botton of 1.33em.

I can tell you one thing, I was flabbergasted ;)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Why exactly do people use Microsoft Internet Explorer?

The last few days I have been working on a website I am making for someone. The website must be readable and look good in Microsoft Internet Explorer (the application some refer to as a browser).
I lost about 5 hours trying to work around some bugs in MSIE way of rendering CSS2. Later I will make a post about these specific bugs and their fixes, although I am thinking of making a seperate blog to post about all MSIE quirks I stumble upon.

Earlier this day I received a video showing the weakness of MSIE in another way, it will always be the weaker child. The video is quite funny actually:

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Eurocontrol: "Is this flight 6, over?"

Uh well, I seemed to have missed something somewhere.
I just posted a bug and got a comment, telling me to test Ubuntu Dapper Drake Flight 6 for this.

And I was like, is there a Flight 6 already?

For everyone who has missed it too, here is the release information, and the download page for cd images.