Friday, March 16, 2007

GNOME 2.18 and MP3?

Yesterday I blogged about the new GNOME release.
One of the things I found a bit odd while reading the release notes was this sentence:
Encode your audio in more formats including OGG, MP3 or even AAC!
This made me think that MP3 and AAC support would be in the new GNOME. Well I just ignored it and thought it was some kind of marketing trick I didn't understand.

Today I downloaded the Demo Live CD to try the new GNOME. When I was using it and browsing some network share I came across some MP3s. I just couldn't resist and double-clicked one of them. (Well actually right-clicked it and opened it in Totem since Banshee which is using Mono wouldn't start under the Live CD.)

To come to the point, when Totem started all of a sudden sound was coming out of my speakers. And I was flabbergasted. Did I miss something somewhere or does GNOME have MP3 support by default these days?

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macewan said...

Fluendo press release.