Monday, September 19, 2005


Today I was strolling around the Internet for half an hour when I decided to look for a place to buy Erdinger beer glasses. It is one of my favourite beers and I am used to drink these in a nearby club, in the original 0.5 liter glass.

So I was looking for a place to buy them and wounded up in the official Erdinger webshop.
On the 0.5 liter glass page I mentioned two links to other sized glasses, a 0.3 liter one and a 3.0 liter glass. And for a moment there, I thought it was a typo. So I clicked the 3.0 liter link and guess what they sell massive 3.0 liter beer glasses.

To get an idea of the size I searched for a picture, and found one using Google. To get a good illustration of the size the glasses are depicted next to a Pringles can.

Officer: "Why are you driving so reckless sir?"
Driver: "I don't know officer."
Officer: "How many beers did you drink sir?"
Driver: "Just one glass officer."
Officer: "I bet it was an Erdinger, now was it?"

Thanks go out to for letting me use this picture.


Dennis Laumen said...

Hehe, quite a funny dialog you made up there...

By the way.. does that White Russian site have anything to do with the drink White Russian? A friend of mine and myself were having a discussion about it when watching the Big Lebowsky the other day. This is probably the drink that will get you more nauseous than any other drink on this planet.

It will probably be the milk they throw in it here in the Netherlands (instead of cream goddamnit!)... or it could of course be all the Vodka and Kahlua of course :D

lgespee said...

No I believe it has something to do with the title of a song, the author of that site writes about it somewhere on his webpage.