Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mini action by XS4All

Today I saw something really cool. The dutch internet provider XS4All always had nice actions to draw their attention.
The difference here is that most do this because their services are poor. But with XS this is not the case. I am already three years XS customer and very very very satisfied, never had a connection drop in these three years (well once when lightning struck our neighboors house). This is how a ISP should perform, and they also have real skilled technical helpdesk employees and all kinds of nice services.

The cool thing however is that they currently offer you a modem for free (nothing special), they do not charge any enrolment fees, and you get a technician at your door who installs everything. Or you choose not to get the technician and instead get a 130 euro discount on a Mac Mini, now how cool is that.

Most XS4All customers are either geeks or people who got told to go for XS4All by geeks, this because they are not the cheapest in The Netherlands, but one of the few that are actual ISP's. Well geeks don't need a technician, and geeks love MacMini's (mostly), what a coincidence.
I just love this ISP, and am still waiting for an analysis that tells us XS4All customers have a bigger life expectancy compared to customers of other ISP's.


Pascal de Bruijn said...

Well, maybe there is an indirect correlation between ISP quality and hart disease. Basically poor ISP's induce stress in their customers, and stress increases your chances of getting a hart malfunction...

I wonder whether this would stand up in court... ;)

lgespee said...

How to get rich in three easy steps:

1) Get @home from Essent in the Sittard/Geleen area
2) Use the "connection" regularly
3) In case it dropped and you are not
stressen enough yet, call the helpdesk
4) Sue them because of extreme stress and ask for reimbursement