Monday, March 20, 2006

Pomme & Kelly

I was just working at school with Dennis Laumen and we took a 10 minute break.

It was a good idea to surf to Google Videos, we found the videos of Pomme & Kelly. They are like the Chinese Backstreet Boys:

only difference, they're girls and apparently Dutch.

This is the video we found, it's a lipsync of Aretha Franklin - Respect:

It even seems there is a complete online Idols version, where you can link your own made musicvideo and compete with others.

Don't you just love the internet.


spacey said...

Dude their not from japan. They are Chinese. They are really popular in China as well. :)

In the start of the clip you link to in your blog article they say Hi in mandarin and they say they study painting (the art version).

Ik had ook al die andere clip eerder van hun geblogged.:)

lgespee said...

I always asume that something cool with Asian people in it is coming from Japan.
But indeed these guys seem to be Chinese, thanks for mentioning Spacey.
And I do need to improve my Mandarin :)

The blogpost has been updated.