Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wallpaper payback

A friend of mine (Collin van Banning) downloaded the Breezy Live CD about half a year ago and was really enthousiastic. First thing I did the coming weekend was install Ubuntu on his laptop. Needed some additional memory which I got from another Ubuntu-NL member (thanks again Hein-Pieter). Since that weekend, he started to love Ubuntu more and more, and is now even handing out Live CDs to other people.

That same friend made a picture on his vacation to Switserland in December 2005, which I liked so much I have had it as a desktop wallpaper ever since. So I decided to ask him for releasing this picture under the Creative Commons, he agreed on the idea, I edited the picture where needed and uploaded it to
It got accepted last night and is now an official wallpaper.

An easy and good way for people to contribute without posting bugreports or coding.

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